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earWAV LLC. is a one-stop music sync licensing company that represents artists, musicians, and songwriters spanning all genres of music.

We offer an exclusive catalog of tracks that you can't get anywhere else.

We make it simple to find the best sound for TV, film, video games, brands, ad agencies and more.

We will fulfill your custom music needs.  If we don't have it yet, we'll create it.

earWAV Logo-02.png
earWAV Logo-02.png
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Hear the WAVs

earWAV's songs range from modern, edgy pop and hip-hop, to current rock, country, funk, R&B and indie soul.

Our composers and producers make custom instrumentals of every genre.

If you don't hear it, we have the vocalists and songwriters that will create it for you.

Browse our very carefully curated and crafted music catalog below.

Artist Spotlight

earWAV Artists


earWAV recruits only the best talent.

We pride ourselves on showcasing rising stars, independent artists

and experienced musicians.

When you come to us for music; you get perfection.

All of the music you hear is exclusive to us;

Premium tracks you can't find in any other library.

Here are some of the songwriters within earWAV.



Music Licensing

earWAV has exclusive tracks ready for use immediately! One-stop, high-quality, and a diverse selection of music make up our catalog. Browse our selection and pick what you need for your brand, TV series, film, commercial, event, or business. If you can't decide what to use, contact us with your needs and we will handpick tracks for you!

 We make it easy to shop with us!

Custom Music

Need a specific sound that you can't find in our current catalog? Don't worry! earWAV houses many talented songwriters, vocalists, musicians and producers that can custom-create ANY track that will fit all of your music needs. Contact us for a quote today!

Music Consultation

If you want to learn more about the sync licensing business, how to write a hit song, or music matters in general; earWAV has the expertise and experience to guide you! Use the Contact form to set up a consultation call with us and we can help you navigate the very complex music industry and stay on top of today's current trends.

earWAV Logo-02.png

Music Submissions

Think you have the music and talent and want to join the earWAV roster? Let us hear it!

About earWAV

earWAV is a music sync licensing company looking to make powerful waves in the music industry. The knowledge and experience behind earWAV spans years, hundreds of song placements with huge national and international brands, TV shows, ads, and apps. The creative expertise within the earWAV team covers a multitude of musical genres and audio-visuals.

We can't wait to work with you.

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